About Botlytics™

brought to you by On Web Marketing™

Botlytics™ is brought to you by On Web Marketing Inc., a company that specializes in Web marketing automation, tools, and technologies. Botlytics™ was initially created to fill a void in the world of web analytics, wherein there were no acceptable methods, tools or techniques to monitor and track indexing robot traffic activity in real-time, and in complete synchronicity with each individual website page.

After several years of development, the Botlytics™ was born, and allowed webmasters and SEO managers to have a real-time window into the activity of search engine indexing robots, as opposed to relying on post activity reports generated off of server logs at the end of the day.

More and more, webmasters and SEO managers realized that this real-time view was invaluable because it allowed yo to make on the fly decisions and changes to maintain better indexing compliance.

With this real-time monitoring process in place, the next challenge was to provide a way of helping webmasters and SEO managers to understand how these indexing robots were reading and interpreting their website and website pages. So, by leveraging over 20 years of extensive experience with Internet robots, spiders, crawlers and search engine indexing agents, we were able to replicate and display how an indexing bot sees a page, and outline what elements are inefficient, flawed, and/or non SEO compliment.

Lastly, Botlytics™ added one more layer of functionality wherein it, as a robot, could now monitor a website and all of its pages, in real-time, and report on any issues detected. This functionality proved to be particularly valuable to websites that have a steady flow of new content, and/or change its content regularly. Many subtle mistakes can be caught before they manifest into a bigger problem, and this feature combined with the core functions made Botlytics™ a leading edge product in the Web analytics marketplace.

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